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  1. Well where do I begin, its been a little while since I've done a Blog post, alot of things have happened since October, which was my last one, yes!! I know.... I am truly sorry, but Im back and i am now finally getting back into the swing of making. I had to wait for a week for my Bicarb to arrive, and ive only had it a few days and i am already half way through the 25 kilo bag, making lots of Bath Bombs.... Which you guys cant seen to get enough off, especially our New Unicorn Bombs,


    which if i am totally honest, i love just as much as you.... well its a good job considering i have to make them... that would definitely be awkward if i didnt. This week has also seen me make our new Honey & Milk Bombs. 



    These little bombs are made with Local Raw Honey, Powdered Buttermilk and Natural Honey Essence, They are extremelly moisturising with no added extras. We have also added our New Lavender & Lemongrass Bath Bombs, (which i need to take a picture of as the video wont upload).

    I have also been making our new Body Butters, We have 2 New Fragrances to introduce, Lemon & Lime Mojito, Plum & Blackcurrent and our ole favourite the Orange Blossom Body Butter, but also  as a special, I will also be bringing back our Luscious Chocolate Body Butter for Easter, which i have been asked for quite a few times.

    body butter1

    So Whats on the Making Menu for this Coming Week, I will be making lots of our regular products, like Nettle & Rosemary Soap, Lavender Soap, Shaving Gel, Soothing Bath Tea, Sleepy Time Bath Tea, Princess Dreams Bath Fizz & Pirates Potion Bath Fizz, which will all be in there new packaging. Talking of packaging thank you to all of you who took part in our poll on Facebook, we will be going naked with our soaps, So no more plastic wrap, unless you stipulate it as its for a gift, or you have our guest soaps. 

    Well thats all from me today... I will be back soon with more goss from the soapy workshop xx