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  1. So Christmas is nearly upon us, Even though the last 6 weeks have been very difficult in my personal life, We haven't stopped planning for the future!

    So what des 2018 have in store?

    We have created a sister company..... Taylor McLaren Luxury Candles, Yes you've guessed it, We will be making our very own luxury candle range..these are in the testing phase at the moment and should be ready for release by Late February 2018/

    New Fragrances.... These will be in Bath Bombs, Bath Truffles, Soaps, Body Butters and Bubble Bars..Stay Tuned!

    Extending our herbal ingredients..

    Keeping our promise to reduce our plastic packaging by at least 95% from its current levels...

    So We have an exciting 12 months stay tuned for more announcements

    For Now Though


    From Scott & Laurinda

    The Bathhouse & Soapery x

  2. Morning my lovelies, well after last week, i was straight back into the throws of making, and this week its all about Christmas. I have made lots of goodies, including our Christmas Soaps. So i hear you ask show us! Firstly I made our very popular 3 Kings Soap, which is fragranced with the warm aromatic scent Frankincense rich Amber and sumptuous myrrh, with undertones of cedar, vetivert and sandalwood. This soap has become a staple of our Christmas range. 

    Our New Soap to the Christmas range this year is Festive Fall, this fragrance is made with with pure natural spice extracts, and is a luscious medley of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel. 

    And of course our Christmas soap range wouldnt be complete without our Christmas Spice soap, saying that i did have a bit of a disaster with it, but thankfully after 48hrs, it is set and looks & smells absolutely fine, even though its not pretty, but thats nothing a bit of trimming wont sort out.

    This week i have also managed to make our Christmas Bubble Bars, we have Gingerbread men, Christmas Trees, Candy Canes & Christmas Stars.



    These guys are frangranced with Ginger & Nutmeg and smell so good, you could eat them, to say i had a lot of fun making these bubble bars would be an understatement. 


    The Christmas Trees are fragranced with A rich, festive fragrance opening with fig slightly sweetened with warm blackberry, clove and peppery notes resting on a woody backdrop. Enriched by aromatic notes of cedarwood, raspberry and sultana. 

    The Candy Canes are scented with the fresh scent of Peppermint essential oil with the warming undertones of sweet toffee.


    And finally our Christmas Stars, which are on a removable colourful lolly pop stick, these are fragranced with the traditional Christmas scent of Orange, Cinnamon & Clove. Well i can honestly say if i wasnt feeling Christmassy before i most certainly am now. Thats pretty much all of our Christmas stock made, i just have to top up the bath bombs & truffles and we're good to go.

    Watch this space for more Stories from the Soap Kitchen

    TTFN xx


    Some of you may have heard the term "Single Use Plastics", it has been in the media quite a lot in recent months, more so, since Sky launched their "SKY OCEAN RESCUE".

    But what are single use plastics and what is the problem?

    Single use plastics can include any disposable plastic item which is designed to be used only once. Single use items are often used in packaging, consumer products, cosmetics and healthcare. Examples include: light-weight plastic bags, disposable utensils, beverage containers, coffee capsules, wet wipes, and razor blades.  

    International beach clean-up data from the Ocean Conservancy shows that plastic drinks bottles, food wrappers, plastic bottle caps, straws and stirrers, plastic bags and plastic lids are amongst the top ten most common items collected.(Source: Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) 10/2016) 

    The Problem with Single use plastics is that we "simply cannot afford for our oceans and seas to reach a critical tipping point. Our ocean makes up three-quarters of our planet. No matter where we live, we all depend on our ocean for the food we eat and the air we breathe. 


    Every minute, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of plastic goes in to our oceans, it never decomposes and will remain there forever. If nothing changes, by 2050 all the plastic in the ocean could weigh more than all the fish. Plastic impacts on an entire ecosystem, marine life get caught up in it, eat it and live in it. It also has a direct impact on our health, acting as a sponge for toxins which can end up in our food. 

    Big issues for our ocean health such as this affect us all. They’re also something we all have a role to play in- if we all work together, we can help to protect our oceans."

    (Text Source 

    So as an ethically and environmentally minded cosmetic company, We have taken action over recent years, to try to reduce our single use wastage...

    Here is what we have achieved so far!

    1. In 2015, We transferred 98% of our skincare products from plastic containers and lids to glass, with aluminium lids.

    2.In 2016 We transferred all of our bath salts, milks and fizzes from plastic containers into glass containers with aluminium lids.

    3.In 2017, We introduced cardboard gift boxes eliminating the plastic sleeve previously used.

    4.In 2015, We stopped using plastic bags and introduced paper bags only, However in 2017 we re-introduced a bio-degradable carrier bag, Due to the UK weather, not being kind to paper!

    5. In 2016 We eliminated the use of Micro-beads a year ahead of the planned ban, by the EU, We now use Bio-degradable glitter*.



    * What is bio-degradable glitter? The glitter that we use is Bio-glitter® it is based on a biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

    How does it degrade? Heat, water and oxygen are required for effective bio degradation by microorganisms. Bio-glitter® is metabolised by micro-organisms which transforms it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass

    How Long does it take to degrade? Rate of bio degradation is dependent upon composting conditions. Like a leaf in a swamp Vs a leaf in the desert. The biodegradable film is accredited according to different standards including ASTM D7081-05., for degradation in sea water.  Bioglitter® has the advantage that most glitter particle sizes in the product range are already <2mm in size and immediately pass the disintegration criteria for the standard.

    Our new Glitter is also vegetarian and vegan friendly, It has no nano particles and is free from allergens.

    (Source: Cosmetic Bio-Glitter)

    So what do we have still to do?

    As you can see over the past few years we have made big in roads in to removing single use plastics from our shelves, BUT their is still more to do and we aim to have completed the following steps by Spring 2018.

    1. To transfer all of our shampoo/shower gel and hand washes from plastic bottles into aluminium bottles.

    2. To transfer the remaining 4 skincare products that are in plastic bottles into aluminium bottles.

    3.To repackage our Bath Bombs and Soaps from plastic wrap into a biodegradable shrink wrap. Which can be recycled or put into the compost.

    4.To offer our soaps either wrapped, in the new wrap, or unwrapped, giving the consumer the choice.

    5.To only use bio-degradable or paper fillers, when shipping our products to customers, not polystyrene peanuts!

    Once we have completed all of the above, the only single use plastic, being used in conjunction with our own handmade products will be the following:


    Our natural deodorants, these are currently packaged in a plastic container that is made from HDPE plastic.

    HDPE plastic is one of the most widely recyclable plastics, So we would encourage our consumers to recycle with your plastic milk bottles, Or as an incentive, we will be launching a return scheme in 2018, where if you return one of our deodorant canisters to our shop in Mevagissey, We will give you 10% off your next deodorant purchase.


    And the final piece of the puzzle and the most complicated piece is what to do about the pumps that we use in our body lotions,  shampoo, shower gels, hand washes and other pump action products. Now this equates to just 20 products, 1/6th of our entire product range, but these pumps are made up of multiple parts, including a metal spring and small tube. All of which if they made their way into the ocean, would be harmful to the wildlife.

    Currently due to the spring and the rubber seal, these are not recyclable, But if dismantled they can be!

    So in the early part of 2018, we will be distributing a guide, on our website that will show how to dismantle the pump, which will then allow you the consumer to recycle all of the parts. For those consumers that are closer to our shop and visit regularly, We will be offering an in-store deposit scheme for pumps from our products, each pump returned, will be worth 10p off of your next purchase.

    The Bathhouse and Soapery Ltd is dedicated to protecting the environment, oceans and its wildlife, over the years we have stopped using Micro-beads, Palm Oil, Now we are even more dedicated to help reducing the waste that goes into landfill or ends up in our oceans, We are a family run business, We are not financed or backed by a major brand, We do not have the financial spending power of major cosmetic companies, But we believe that along with our customers we are helping save the oceans, one product at a time and we will continue to look out for new innovative ways to address any outstanding commitments, such as the pumps and deodorant tubes. Hopefully making us one of the most environmentally friendly and ethically minded businesses in the UK. 





  4. Well its Saturday again..... is it me or are the weeks flying, and the scary thought is Christmas is only 14 weeks away, so with that in mind, we have started making some of our Christmas stock..... but before that we have Halloween So The Pumpkins have arrived. 

    These gorgeous little bath truffles, are all handmade, so no-one is the same as the next, they are scented with a gorgeous Pumpkin fragrance which is a rich smooth harmony of black peppercorns and pumpkin, supported by hints of precious woods. I wont tell a lie, these are flying off the shelves and will only be available until Halloween, where they will be replaced by our Candy Cane scented Snowmen and Christmas Cake Scented Christmas Puddings......

    Its not only the pumpkins that have arrived, we have also been busy working on some new soaps and bath bombs which are now also available in the shop. We have a New Gardeners Soap, Lemon Fresh Scrub Soap, which is made with Tea Tree, Lemon & Lemon Verbena Essential Oils, with added Lemon Zest, Lemon Verbena Herb & Pumice Powder.... 

    Our Next New Soap is Our Marshmallow & Hemp Shampoo Soap, well thats a little lie, i introduced this soap last year, but it was known as our Dandelion & Honey soap, but to simplify this, i took it back to the starting recipe and made it a shampoo soap, This soap is unscented and made with Infused Marshmallow Root & Hemp Oil. 

    Marshmallow root is good for dry hair. helping to smooth and rehydrate and/or curly, hard-to-manage hair. Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential for healthy hair growth.Hemp also helps to stimulate hair growth and help's to prevent hair loss.  

    And our Final new Soap is Jasmine Dreams, This soap has been made to work alongside our Nourishing Skincare Range, it is Scented with Jasmine & Rosewood Essential Oils, so has a gorgeously warming scent, which lingers on the skin. 

    Now for the Bath Bombs, we had already launched 5 of our Autumn & Winter Fragrances of the bath bombs, but this week i managed to get another 3 scents made, which are now out on sale, (Finally after spending 2 days wrapping & heat sealing 90 Bombs) so we now have Frosted Tree,  which is Green with lots of Gold Bio-degradable Glitter and Winter Warmer, which is Purple with a little surprise in the centre, (hopefully if it works).......

    And Candy Cane, which is my favourite one so far, i love this fragrance, fresh peppermint with the warming undertones of toffee..... it so reminds me of Murray Mints......


    So what else has been going on in the Soap Kitchen....... this week we have also restocked our Lemon Kisses Body Butter, Orange Blossom Body Butter, Aftershave Lotion, Rejuvenate Body Lotion & Our Sensitive Skin Cream, I have also been remaking some of our Comfrey Oil Infusion, which will now sit for 6 weeks, until its ready to be strained off.

    So whats on next week Making Menu, well i will be restocking our Lemongrass, Honey & Oat and our Sea Salt Soaps, and i will hopefully be making the final bath bomb scent, while restocking some of the other scents and i will also be making our New Christmas Bubble Bars, which i cant wait to do. So i will see you next week with our Soap Kitchen Stories....... Have a Lovely Weekend