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Wow what a busy couple of weeks, So much so that i haven't even had a chance to sit down and do any blogging, but this week seems a little calmer.... well for 5 minutes anyway, as its feast week next week, so I probably wont have time to swing a cat, but i will try. So apart from being flat out, what has happened the past couple of weeks in the Soap Kitchen.


Well as always Bath Bombs have been the main focus, I have had to taken my equipment home, so i can play catch up, as there weren't enough hours in the day at the shop. We have also introduced a new bomb, made with freshly ground coffee, from Mevagissey Coffee, with a Vanilla fragrance, it smells absolutely divine, and our new coffee face & body scrubs are going down really well, if you have used one, i would love for you to let us know how you got on with it.

coffee1      coffee


Now, because of the curve ball that has been thrown at us, with recent news, we have brought forward our planned products, which were meant to be introduced next year, so I have been busy making, new conditioners, Hand & Body Lotions, and of course our New Room Sprays, to which we have 3, Lavender, Rose Geranium & Citrus Fresh. Also our Signage arrived for the Car park, which looks absolutely amazing, i have a very clever hubby.

sign                      vegan

Also Did You Know That Out of The 125 Different Products That We Make... 102 of them are Suitable For Vegans That's 82% Of our product range, that contain NO Animal Products or Animal Derivatives. Look out for our Vegan Badge on the product pages.


 This week has actually seen me making soap.... who'd have thunk it lol, I can find the time to make it... although it has been hard as there was a time that Soap Making was the demanding child and i had trouble finding time to make the skincare, but now its the  Bath Bombs, who knew. So the soaps Ive made this week are our Shampoo soaps, There was Nettle & Rosemary, Rosehip & Geranium and Marshmallow & Hemp, plus some of the others. All three of these soaps use a Herbal infusion, which add to the colour, texture and the ability for the soap help cleanse the scalp and the skin.

marsh1   rosehip

Ooo and i almost forgot, we have introduced a new Candle Range into the shop, there from Paddywax and smell absolutely gorgeous, I know we were going to make our own, but with everything else going on they will hopefully be introduced next year.


Well thats all for now, Today is all about our daughter, as its her Leavers Assembly, so the shop is closed all day (22/06/18), but will reopen tomorrow at 10am.

So TTFN xx

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