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Morning my soapy lovelies, well this week has been a roller coaster, not only has it busy and pretty emotional, I found out some news yesterday and it totally gutted me and to be honest upset me to, but hey i will fight on, nobody gets me down for long and the fact is we're ahead of the curve as we now know, so we can do something about it, (oh please dont worry its nothing health related). So apart from me being an emotional wreck, what else have i been up too.

Well on Monday, we drove out to one of my suppliers and collected 125 Kilos of Bicarbonate of Soda, so i could crack on making Bath Bombs as, if i had waited until Friday for my delivery to arrive, there wouldn't have been any on the shelves.


Also I literally walked into the shop and my lovely UPS delivery guy delivered my Shampoo Ingredients so i cracked on making and restocking all of our Shampoos/ Shower Gels and Hand Washes.


We had a lot of fun making our Children's Bath Fizzes, well i say children, but i know we have quite a few adults who love these and their kids don't get a look in, We have Mermaid Shimmer which is fragranced with a berry scent and chocked full of pink bio-degradable glitter, Princess Dream which is fragranced with Lavender & Patchouli essential oils, to help aid your little ones to drift off into a restful slumber and our extremely popular Pirates Potion, which is fragranced with a chocolate cookie scent and cram packed with Gold.... well Gold Bio-degradable glitter that is.


And finally to our Shaving cream, its so light and creamy, you want to dive into it rather than shave with it, this time i made our Bergamot and Lavender, One of our customers came back and told us he absolutely loved it and the shave was so close and it left his skin so much softer than the normal shaving cream. I use it on my legs, so its not just for men.


So whats on This coming weeks menu..... Lots of soaps, more bath bombs.... MORE!! i hear you say, yep lots more bath bomb making as they are flying out the door, and something new, which will have its own blog post as its a totally new product, so its TTFN xx till next time, thank you all so much for your support, it means the world to me xx

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