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Wow what a stunning weekend its been, and what with the Royal Wedding, you can definitely say England Showcased its finest look, I couldnt resist sitting down and watching most of it again this morning, with a cuppa in hand, as yesterday i had to go out, so missed the middle section. Anyway lets get back on topic....

So whats been happening in the Soap kitchen this week..... 

Well for a start the Jars and ingredients finally arrived for the new Body Scrub Bar, all i need to do now is make the oil and it will be ready to go, hopefully everything should be up and running in time for half term, so i will post pictures on my next update, as i dont want to ruin the surprise.

This week was all about finishing off topping up the bath bombs and making sample batches of our New Shower Steamers, the first lot i made were Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Now i made shower bombs about 6 years ago, but they weren't that successful as people couldn't get their head around them, but now, thanks to a lot of big companies making them, they have become the new norm. I gave one to a friend to try and this is what she said about them. "love the smell so nice in the steam. Lasted my whole shower had to stay in extra to finish it up! It was quite a subtle fizz. loved it will defo need to invest in some made my shower feel a little more luxurious". They have been packed in 2's and will be on the website soon. I have still to decide what fragrance to do the second one.


The next product i was playing with this week, was the Bubbling Doh! Bombs, now with the laws over here, we're not allowed to make skincare that looks like food, due to the Food Imitation Act, now the only way around this that i have found is to brightly colour them so at the moment i am doing 2 fragrances, Jelly Bean and Raspberry Ripple. The Jelly Bean, will be bright yellow, with a bright orange drizzle and the Raspberry Ripple is a Bright Pink with a softer pink frosting/ drizzle.... Now thanks to my hubby stating i need to learn a bit of finesse with my pouring, i have been watching you tube videos this morning, to teach me how to drizzle lol and i think i have the idea, but personally i don't think mine looked to bad, yes this picture shows the ones where i just poured the frosting over, but the next batch will look better (hopefully). 


 Again, these will be on the website soon, i just need to make the Jelly Bean ones, they are quite hefty in weight and size so they will be £2.99 each, you can probably get about 2/3 baths out of one bomb, that's if you don't mind taking a hammer and chisel to it, but at the moment they will make the bath slippy as these don't have an emulsifier in them, but that should be arriving on Monday, so all Bubbling Doh! Bombs will be dispersing after that, I can't wait to try one of these babies.

So what else did I make this week.... apart from bath bombs, I topped up the skincare, Lip Balms and started making soaps, as most are getting quite low, its getting harder to make now as our season is starting to pick up, so soon i will need all hands on deck, getting Soapy Hubby to serve while i make, Thank you for reading and i will speak to you all next week.


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