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I have only just realised its been a couple of months since i last did an update on whats been going one in the Soap Kitchen, I have been flat out making and restocking all of your favourite skin goodies, with the addition of some new products. So where do i begin…..

Lets start with the shop, to say it was looking very tired  on the outside was an understatement, its been 4 years since she was painted, so Soapy hubby in his infinate wisdom though it would be a good idea to decorate, an idea which he soon came to regret, as with all old buildings underneath the paint work was a multitude of horrors, the first one we knew about, the base of the window frame was totally rotten, but then we discovered the lintel above the window frame was rotten….. That one we didnt know about and the base frame of the long window was rotten, this decorating project was turning more and more into a nightmare. But luckily we had a very good decorator come builder, not only did he replace the base of both frame but he patched up the lintel, until the winter and did a very good job. We have had a couple of comments on the colour, but i assure you it is grey, even though all the pictures seem to make it look purple lol. But from the feedback most people seem to like it.






Now we Just Need New Signage  

Now back to the soapy kitchen….. This past couple of months saw me treat myself to some new bath bomb moulds and this time of year being quiet i have had a chance to play, So i would like to introduce our Aroma-Heart Bath Bombs… These are made with pure essential oils, at the moment we have 3 fragrances


Maychang & ElderFlower, This heart also has Jasmine & Neroli in it, it has a sharp citrusy top note which is from the Maychang & Neroli, with the gentle base note of warming Jasmine.


Lavender & Patchouli, This one speaks for itself, both these essential oils are warming and relaxing, perfect for a long hot soak after a busy day to help you unwind.


And Finally or Rose, Geranium & Frankincense, Again this is a warming and relaxing bath treat thanks to the frankincense, which is known to quieten the mind, Geranium which is a known hormone balancer, making it perfect after a stressful day and finally the added floral note of Rose, which is calming.


The next new products will be the introduction of our Fizzing Doh Bombs, which are a mixture of Bath Bomb & Bubble bars, these are still a work in progress as the first batch, even though they set hard, crumbled after a couple of days, but in the bath worked brilliantly.


And Finally… I would like to introduce our New Sensitive Skin Deodorant, our other deodorants are very popular, but we still have a couple of people who have allergies to certain ingredients, and so they cant use them, but know you can, this deodorant is unfragranced and made with Clay instead of Bicarb and so far the feedback has been really good, so we added it to our range, also we have dropped the plastic containers, so now we should be able to send them out during the heat of the summer, it wont stop them melting but at least they wont leak everywhere and can easily be put in the fridge to firm back up.



Well i hope you enjoyed my update and hopefully it wont be as long before i do another.




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