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Changes To Our Natural Deodorant

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Changes To Our Natural Deodorants.

Over the last 12 months we have been researching how to make our Natural Deodorants Better. We know from your, our customers,  feedback, That you are extremely happy with our Natural Deodorants, as a product. However we realise that the packaging is not perfect. That is why we have put an emphasis on finding the right packaging.

Problems with our deodorants have arisen, with the product not being able to be shipped during extremely hot weather, to the twist bottoms not working and not being able to use all of the product.

So, as a team we have collated all of your comments and in line with us reducing the majority of our plastic packaging, We have taken the decision to change our Natural Deodorant Packaging.

We tested and tried a cardboard tube alternative push up deodorant packaging, But this did not solve many of the problems that we had to face. So after researching other alternatives, we decided that our Natural Deodorants were best suited to being packaged in a glass jar.



It means that in order to give you the premium product, with suitable sustainable packaging, from the end of our current run of Natural Deodorants in Plastic Tubes, We will switch to Glass Jars. 

Using the Same Recipe, Same Ingredients, Same Methods, The Only Thing To Change is the packaging and how you apply the deodorant.


As i said above the ingredients haven't changed, They include Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Arrowroot, Bicarbonate of Soda, Sea Salt and Pure Essential Oils.

They Are ALL Aluminium, Palm Oil and Paraben Free and EACH ONE IS VEGAN Friendly


Gently apply a pea-sized amount of deodorant softened between fingertips to the underarms, ensuring it is applied to the whole area. Massage lightly into the skin for maximum absorption.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


Due to the Natural Oils and Butters in the product, we can never stop the product liquifying and resetting. If it does this there are a couple of tips that might help you These are: 

1. If the cream is grainy, simply melt it (try running the jar under warm water) mix thoroughly and pop it in the fridge until solid.

2. If your cream is runny or liquified, give it a good mix and pop it in the fridge until solid.

However, Where we were unable to ship during extreme heat, We will be able to ship all year round.

All packaging is recycable or reuseable. And the best bit is that we will be buying from a British Company and Not shipping From The USA for our packaging, Which can sometimes mean that our plastic tubes were held in customs or late in dispatch due to weather conditions, etc.

So over the coming weeks, We will phase in the New Packaging, as the old tubes sell out.

The Bathhouse & Soapery, always striving for the very best for our customers.

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