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Stories from The Soapery: What a Start to March

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Wow what a start to March... I thought we were meant to be in spring, but i dont think anyones told Mother Nature. We had to close from the Wednesday through til the following Monday as not only did we get hit with the snow, we also hit with storm force winds, rain and spring high tides.


But thankfully that has now passed and i am back in the full swing of making, This week saw me restock our Unicorn Magic Bath Bombs and Our Monkey Fart Bath Bombs, plus i made a special order for a lovely little girl, I made her some Mermaid Bath Bombs, which are very similar to the unicorn, they have more pink & purple in and they smell of coconut, apparently they went down very well.


This week also saw us take the next step towards going plastic free, I had finally reached the end of my supply of PET 250ml bottles so now all Shampoos, Shower Gels and Hand Wash's will be in Aluminium bottles with screw tops unless otherwise requested, we will have the pump tops available for you to purchase separately if you wish. All i have to do now is use up all the 150ml PET bottles which some of our skincare goes in, but we are still trying to figure out whether those products will go into glass jars or aluminium bottles... 


So what else did we make this week; Well there was the Wild Nettle & Rosemary Shampoo Soap, Lavender Soap, Lemon Fresh Scrub Soap, plus Lemongrass & Ginger Shampoo & Hand wash, Rose & Geranium Shampoo & Hand wash, and Lavender Shampoo & Hand wash. On next weeks making, I will mostly be making Bath Milks & Fizzes and topping up the rest of the bath bombs.

So TTFN xx 

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