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Well its Saturday again..... is it me or are the weeks flying, and the scary thought is Christmas is only 14 weeks away, so with that in mind, we have started making some of our Christmas stock..... but before that we have Halloween So The Pumpkins have arrived. 

These gorgeous little bath truffles, are all handmade, so no-one is the same as the next, they are scented with a gorgeous Pumpkin fragrance which is a rich smooth harmony of black peppercorns and pumpkin, supported by hints of precious woods. I wont tell a lie, these are flying off the shelves and will only be available until Halloween, where they will be replaced by our Candy Cane scented Snowmen and Christmas Cake Scented Christmas Puddings......

Its not only the pumpkins that have arrived, we have also been busy working on some new soaps and bath bombs which are now also available in the shop. We have a New Gardeners Soap, Lemon Fresh Scrub Soap, which is made with Tea Tree, Lemon & Lemon Verbena Essential Oils, with added Lemon Zest, Lemon Verbena Herb & Pumice Powder.... 

Our Next New Soap is Our Marshmallow & Hemp Shampoo Soap, well thats a little lie, i introduced this soap last year, but it was known as our Dandelion & Honey soap, but to simplify this, i took it back to the starting recipe and made it a shampoo soap, This soap is unscented and made with Infused Marshmallow Root & Hemp Oil. 

Marshmallow root is good for dry hair. helping to smooth and rehydrate and/or curly, hard-to-manage hair. Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential for healthy hair growth.Hemp also helps to stimulate hair growth and help's to prevent hair loss.  

And our Final new Soap is Jasmine Dreams, This soap has been made to work alongside our Nourishing Skincare Range, it is Scented with Jasmine & Rosewood Essential Oils, so has a gorgeously warming scent, which lingers on the skin. 

Now for the Bath Bombs, we had already launched 5 of our Autumn & Winter Fragrances of the bath bombs, but this week i managed to get another 3 scents made, which are now out on sale, (Finally after spending 2 days wrapping & heat sealing 90 Bombs) so we now have Frosted Tree,  which is Green with lots of Gold Bio-degradable Glitter and Winter Warmer, which is Purple with a little surprise in the centre, (hopefully if it works).......

And Candy Cane, which is my favourite one so far, i love this fragrance, fresh peppermint with the warming undertones of toffee..... it so reminds me of Murray Mints......


So what else has been going on in the Soap Kitchen....... this week we have also restocked our Lemon Kisses Body Butter, Orange Blossom Body Butter, Aftershave Lotion, Rejuvenate Body Lotion & Our Sensitive Skin Cream, I have also been remaking some of our Comfrey Oil Infusion, which will now sit for 6 weeks, until its ready to be strained off.

So whats on next week Making Menu, well i will be restocking our Lemongrass, Honey & Oat and our Sea Salt Soaps, and i will hopefully be making the final bath bomb scent, while restocking some of the other scents and i will also be making our New Christmas Bubble Bars, which i cant wait to do. So i will see you next week with our Soap Kitchen Stories....... Have a Lovely Weekend

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